How to Clean Window Film Tints

Once you've applied your window tint films, you need to make sure that you take good care of them. Like windows, your home window tinting will benefit from regular cleaning, but you need to take care to make sure that the cleaning methods you use don't damage the films.

Tip: When you first install your tinting films, make sure to check the manufacturer's instructions to find out how long you need to wait before you clean the tints for the first time. Typically, window tints need time to set and dry out after application – if you clean them too soon, you may damage them or stop them from bonding correctly.

Which Cleaning Products Should You Use?

Some cleaning products may contain abrasive substances or chemicals that can damage the films on your tints. Make sure to use products that aren't going to scratch or degrade the surface.

Typically, you should be OK to use regular window or glass cleaners on tinted window films. Depending on the tints you've applied, you may need to avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia, which can damage some films. It's best not to use ammonia-based products at all unless the film's manufacturer expressly states that they are safe to use.

Which Cloths Should You Use?

Abrasive cloths or scrubbers may scratch the surface of your films, so it's best to avoid using any cloth that has a hard or ridged surface. This may include some rougher kitchen or paper towels. These may not appear to do any damage initially, but rough paper may make tiny scratches that build up over time until you can actually see the scratches on the surface of the tinted windows.

It's usually safest to always use a soft cloth or even a clean towel when you're cleaning films. Some manufacturers also say that you can use window squeegees. If you're using a squeegee, make sure that you only use it once you've applied a cleaner to the film to make it wet. It's also a good idea to avoid pulling hard edges down your tints as you clean to avoid damaging them.

Tip: The window tint's manufacturer may have included cleaning instructions with the film packs you bought. If you don't still have your instructions, check on the manufacturer's website or search online to see if they specify which cleaning products and cloths you should or shouldn't use. If in doubt, play it safe and use a mild dish soap solution and a soft lint-free cloth to clean your tinted windows.