Three-pronged strategy to further fortify your sliding glass security door

Sliding security doors are available in various forms, including stainless steel, aluminum and glass. They often feature metal grilles, bars or grates that are designed specifically to assist with the security of an entry. Many homeowners today prefer sliding glass security doors because they have proven to be an outstanding addition to any household due to the fact that they allow huge amounts of light to enter the interiors and certainly improve the interior decoration. This article highlights several measures that homeowners can adopt to further fortify their sliding glass security door on top of the already installed security features that these doors originally come with.

Fortifying your sliding glass door

In order to secure your sliding glass security door, adopt the following three-pronged approach recommended by security experts, which includes, deterring, detecting and delaying.


To deter or dissuade implies discouraging the intruder from their attempts to break in. The single locking mechanism is typical of many sliding doors. This type of locking mechanism is very easy to bypass. All an intruder needs to do is basically lever the locking mechanism open or use a hacksaw to hack it. The solution is to add other secure locking mechanism to work hand in hand with the standard lock. One of the most secure locking mechanisms is one that bolts the glass door to either the metal or wooden framework. Thus, they firmly secure the door from budging either up or down once its shut. Another security feature that might help deter intruders is a safety bar. Basically, it makes it hard for any burglar to hoist the panel off its track.


To detect means to identify or discover an attempt to make unauthorized entry. Consider installing surveillance cameras and glass shatter sensors along with motion sensors to provide fool-proof layer of protection for your security door and let you know whenever there's a security breach.


To delay means affording the trespasser a torrid time in their attempts to gain entry into your abode. Many burglars consider a security glass door as something that they can simply smash into and gain entry. To prevent such a possibility, you need to install reinforced glass on your sliding security door. For extra security, opt for double paned glass or one that is entrenched with wires. Reinforced glass is almost impossible to smash into.

On the basis of the above-mentioned three-pronged strategy, you can take pride in having an infallible sliding glass security door while at the same time enjoying light penetration and visibility of the outdoors. For more information about your options or for help with installation, contact a local door and window company like Superior Windows