4 Tips to Make the Most of a Garden Window

Regardless of where you live, bringing a bit of the outside world inside is appealing. This is why many homeowners choose to have a garden window installed. This type of window extends outside of the walls of your home and provides the ideal ledge for plans to live and thrive. If you have decided to install one of these windows, some ways to make the most of the space are found here.


The garden window is, obviously, the ideal place for your potted plants to sit and grow, but it is essential to make sure to purchase the right type of plants. There are some plants that thrive with lots of sun, while others don't. If the garden window is being installed on the side of the home that has constant sunlight throughout the day, then you need plants that can handle this. If the window will be on the shaded side of the home, it will be possible to choose more finicky plant options that thrive with a balance of moisture and light.

Glass Items or Knick-Knacks

Plants are not the only thing that will look great in a garden window. You can also put glass objects in this space. Items such as glass figurines, glass bottles, twinkling crystals and other collectible items can look great here, too. When the sun hits these item, the light will bounce all over the room.

Utilize the Heat

Have you ever heard of sun tea? Since you will have heat along with the light coming through the window, consider making your own sun tea. The process to do this is simple. Start by sanitizing a jar, fill it with water and put some tea bags inside. Place the jar in the direct sun for a period of two to five hours. When the brewing is complete, place in the refrigerator to chill. You will have delicious tea with no use of electricity--just solar power.

Extra Space to get Organized

You can also use the additional space created by a garden window to help you get your things organized. For example, use the ledge for sponges, soap and other objects used in the kitchen. This will help to reduce clutter on your counters.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways to make good use of your new garden window. Be creative and utilize this space to its full potential. Garden windows look great, but when you put your mind to it, they can also be highly functional.