Restore Your Faded Vinyl Shutters with These 3 Steps

If you are looking for window shutters, vinyl shutters are among the most durable and versatile options you may consider. Vinyl shutters will also add an excellent level of aesthetic value in your home and are often easy to maintain. However, these shutters, especially external ones, will appear to fade with time. The fading is actually just a whitish film that forms on the shutters with time because of oxidation activity. You shouldn't worry when you start seeing them fade because you can restore them using the following tips.

Cleaning the Shutters

The first step to restoring your faded vinyl shutters is cleaning. You need to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. First, you will need a flat pad or a quality scrub brush. These tools will prevent foaming during the cleaning. Another important tool you should have is a non-scratch scouring pad. This will allow you to remove as much of the oxidation layer as possible without scratching your vinyl.

Use the scrub brush to give your vinyl shutters a thorough cleaning by dipping it into a solution of warm soapy water and brushing off the dirt. After cleaning, let your vinyl shutters dry completely.

Applying a Deoxidiser to the Shutters

After your vinyl shutters have dried completely, the next step is to apply a deoxidiser. When applying the deoxidiser, make sure you do it evenly without missing any spots. You can apply the deoxidiser using either a spray can or a bucket. If you use a spray can, you will have to do it in long strokes to achieve the desirable results. With a bucket, using a paintbrush to apply the deoxidising solution should do the trick.

Allow the deoxidiser to dry completely and check whether shutters are still appearing faded, you will have to perform a final task to restore your shutters, and that's applying paint.

Applying Paint

Before applying the paint, you will have to apply a thin coat of a paint primer to the shutters. Allow the primer to sit for a while to dry completely. Using a paintbrush, apply the paint coating of your choice. Make sure the coating is thin and remember to apply it thoroughly over your shutters, including the edges. If you need to apply an additional coat of paint, make sure you wait for the existing one to dry before proceeding.

For assistance, talk to a window shutter professional.