3 Excellent Reasons To Choose Plantation Shutters As Your New Window Dressings

If you're planning to update the window dressings in your home, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices that are available. Curtains or blinds are the traditional choices but plantation shutters are growing in popularity as another attractive option. If you haven't considered plantation shutters as an option for your new window dressings, then here are three excellent reasons to consider them for your home.

1. They're easy to clean and maintain

Whichever window dressing you choose, they're destined to get a build up of dust and grime over time. Curtains and blinds can be tricky to clean properly and will generally require a regular professional steam clean or dry cleaning to keep them in top condition.

In contrast, plantation shutters are simple and quick to clean on your own. The surface only requires regular dusting and the occasional wipe over with a cloth and surface cleaner to keep them free from dust and dirty marks.

2. They're versatile and fuss-free

Plantation blinds give you complete control over how much light, breeze and privacy you want in your home. They can be closed completely for total light blockage and privacy or opened up to allow an unrestricted view out of your windows. The louvred panels also mean that you can let light and breeze through while still maintaining privacy or blocking out the bulk of the hot sun.

Because plantation shutters are fixed they're also quiet and won't rattle and bang when your windows are open like blinds do. They're also a safe option if you have young children, with no cords that can cause accidental strangulation.

3. They suit any style of decor

Another appealing aspect in choosing plantation shutters is how well they work in different styles of interior decor. They look equally beautiful in a traditional home or a super contemporary interior.

Their classic design means that you won't need to update your window dressings every time you choose to redecorate the rooms in your home. Plantation shutters also have a broad appeal to a wide range of demographics, so if you decide to sell your home in the future, they'll increase the number of buyers who are interested in purchasing your home.

Plantation shutters are a wise choice for your home aesthetically, functionally and financially. To find out more about the different styles and materials available, contact your local plantation shutters supplier for more information.