Are Roller Shutters Still in Style?

Window treatments are a staple for any home. But with the different types of furnishings to choose from, it is easy to tell that they are not all built the same. Although curtains are the traditional choice, contemporary homeowners tend to lean to more towards chic treatments that will boost the value of their property, such as roller shutters. Nevertheless, since roller shutters have been around for a while now, some people may think that they will soon be a passing fad so they should not invest in these window treatments for your home.

This piece dispels the assumption that roller shutters are a passing trend by highlighting why they will never go out of style.

Roller shutters come in varying transparencies

One thing roller shutters have over curtains is that they do not come in one degree of opacity. Instead, you have the flexibility of choosing shutters that range from an entire blackout variety to shutters that will filter in the specific amount of light that you want. Thus, if you are changing the treatments of all the windows in your home, you are not limited to one kind of roller shutters. For the bedroom, you can opt for the blackout shutters that will ensure you are not woken up by the sunrise while the living room will do well with translucent shutters that will block glare from the sun while allowing your space to be well illuminated.

Roller shutters are incredibly attractive

Roller shutters have gotten an unfair reputation since the older types tended to be clunky and unattractive. Thus, if you last saw roller shutters in your childhood, you may be thinking that the aesthetic will not suit your home. The reality, however, is that there have been advancements in both the structural design of the roller shutters to the style of these treatments. Modern roller shuts are typically characterised by clean lines and a seamless, flush installation that will make the furnishing look like part of the window rather than an inclusion. Secondly, new-age roller shutters come in a vast array of fabrics, textures, colours and so on, which ensures that they will blend in with any décor scheme you have in your entire house!

Roller shutters are easily operated

Gone are the days when you had to get up and manually open and shut your window treatments. Contemporary shutters have never been as easy to operate since they are available with motorised handling. And for the homeowners that are tech savvy, you could choose smart roller shutters that can be integrated into your home's automation system. Some roller shutters even come with sensors that will open and close the window furnishings depending on whether they detect the sun or not!